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We don't choose who delivers our product but SpeeDee would be about the last name on the list. The #1 complaint I have is that the driver just delivers the product essentially to the front door. No matter how busy we are he just piles the cases in the middle of the floor because he "doesn't do stairs". On top of that I almost think he changes his oil and tires before he starts his day of deliveries because litterally everything he touches is... Read more

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I have an order that has been on the local truck (Green Bay, WI) for 2 days now. My tracking number shows that on Monday (May 16th, 2016) the driver had a mishap in Denmark and the package was returned to the Green Bay terminal. Tuesday (May 17th) it shows out for delivery and stayed on the truck and returned to the Green Bay terminal. My residence for delivery is on a main road. This is getting to be very frustrating trying to get my... Read more

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I have tried to use Spee Dee quite a few times. I now give up ! The first shipment was fine. But the next 6.....They do not pick up when specified even tho they say they will. They lose the paperwork almost all of the time, so if you have a hazmat shipment, they wont send since they lost the paperwork so you must send multiple times. I went with them to save a bit of money, but have found out its not worth it. I spend more time on the phone... Read more

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We've been using their service for 5 years and there have been at least a dozen times when either the driver never came, showed up at a different time and then lied about it, didn't follow the delivery instructions, etc. EVERY single time I call about a situation, the customer service sides with the drivers who clearly lie about what happened to cover their butts. I've had managers hand up on me because they didn't want to deal with the... Read more

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Every day i get stuck behind spee dee delivery drivers. Normally they will drive in the slow lane which is good, but they only go 60 or 65 in a 70 mph zone. Every morning it keeps us from going at least the speed limit. The worst is when they come up to someone going slower than them, so they decide to go to the left lane to pass them, however they do not pick up speed. I cant stand this. I understand they are probably monitored, but come on... Read more

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We've had MANY times in this past year of dealing with Spee Dee, where our delivery has not made it on time, and beyond that has been COMPLETELY lost. This company may charge less, but you ABSOLUTELY get what you pay for. I try to respect small businesses and support those that are small and want to grow, but this company deserves ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT from us as customers. I really don't understand the fundamental problems with this company,... Read more

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My online order from a big box store client of theirs went from eau claire wisconsin, to steven's pt. wisconsin, to bloomington il, to collinsville il, back to bloomington il. And now 5 days later, it is still not here but yet the tracking info says it is out for delivery...pretty bad service, certainly not speedee...Menard's should use ups/fedex/usps...these guys(speedee) @@@@ !!! word word word word word word word word word word word word... Read more

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This place sucks. Tracking has it out for delivery each day. 4 days now still no delivery. These guys stink

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Package was supposed to be delivered yesterday, when I called today I was told theres no packages for me. Its safe to say one of speedee deliveries employees now has some very expensive motorcycle parts. Thanks for making me have to oeder again and pitting my project bike build on hold. Not to mention the employee I spoke to was rude, arrogant and not one bit helpful. Speedy my ***, worst delivery business around. They will be hearing from... Read more

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My Isagenix package (which is very expensive) was delivered yesterday to incorrect location. I received a phone call today from who it was delivered to that it was at their home. My ADDRESS WAS CLEARLY ADDRESSED ON THE PACKAGE. Your driver needs to pay more attention to addresses! My address: 1103 DODGE Street - was delivered to 1103 Court St., Bedford TRACK NO. SP 020588 03 00601 995 Just a complaint on wrong delivery. I picked up package... Read more

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