I worked for that racist company & to tell the truth, thats their modo to give you the run around, heck they do it to the employees.They go by if u don't have the attitude they want you to have then they don't like you, but if you say yes to everything they want you to do then you are a great employee.

People wake up & start using real delivery servicces like the ones that the rest of the world uses. Really who's really heard of spee dee delivery??? Thats why they only deliver through out the upper midwest.

They have been around just about as long as Fed Ex & they have not expanded their business, that goes to show how back woods they really are.they are cheap, they lie to customers, & they lie to their employees.

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"Like many successful businesses, Spee-Dee started smallvery small.Spee-Dee was founded in 1978 by Donald Weeres, an ambitious 35-year-old farm boy from Richmond, Minnesota.

Spee-Dee began as an on-call courier service with Donald using his pickup truck to deliver packages to local businesses. His vision was to build an alternative overnight delivery service that offered customers better services at a lower price than the competition.

The philosophy of delivering better overnight service at a lower price still stands at Spee-Dee over 39 years later. It has gotten us to where we are today. Since our humble beginnings, we have grown into a company of 1,800 employees strong, and we now operate over 1,300 pieces of equipment to deliver your important packages daily." Quoted from the, About Speedee area.

They are a small business focused on quicker delivery times than the larger companies and service the majority of 7 states and one small bit of Missouri.

Their home base is in St. Cloud, Minnesota and they employ a lot of Somali's, to the point that customers are getting frustrated because they can't read maps nor can they competently communicate when they are lost and calling a customer. FedEx was founded 7 years prior, but with a different idea and on a different scale.

As for your issue with their wanting you to have a positive attitude?


If you have a complacent type attitude that is upbeat and...

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Apple Valley, Minnesota, United States #727482

Speedee is the best delivery service at what they do.Speedee is not FedEx, UPS or any other company, they are smaller and have limited delivery areas.

Before using Speedee, read their website and call and ask questions. When it is clear what Speedee can do and that is the service you want, try it. Speedee is vastly superior to FedEx, UPS, etc at what they do. Speedee prices vary depending upon how they are accessed.

To cut costs, deliver your packages to a drop site.

Pick up at business or home is extra.

Tracking is not state of art but state of art tracking can be frustrating watching a package bounce from one FedEx location to another because FedEx failed initial delivery and now has no clue what to do.Tracking is a false sense of security offered by large companies that use tracking for their own reasons not to help those paying for shipping.


Any one have a Spee-Dee Delivery Employee handbook they want to sell? We need one to file a complaint. :) thank you, nancio

to nancio #1245453



I worked for Spee-Dee in Wisconsin for ten years.Not one black or hispanic was ever hired.

Management were a devious bunch. They previously had good appreciative managers but, shipped them out or, they quit. The headquarters refuses to provide communication classes or any type of oversight for the one *** manager. They lose good employees every month because of this ***.

When I finally got a vacation, he took my route and pissed off all my customers.When confronted legally, they lie under oath.

to Vicki #706585

Hi Vicki.Do you by chance have a copy of the SpeeDee employee handbook?

We need it for a complaint we are filing.Thanks, Nancio


I have worked Sioux Falls branch , also understaffed nobody takes their job serious unprofessional company managed by idiots !Boxes get tossed smashed and sometimes driven over!

Drivers, mechanics and PTers get way underpaid if compared to a profesional company like Fedex or UPS! Nobody cares about anything cause they all get underpaid u work a lot of hours in my case 12,5 hrs and they cry when u take a 20min break even tho you are allowed to ! You are not appreciated in any way cause they will make sure on your review u don't get more than 25ct raise! They will find small things that u did wrong, like seriously petty stuff even tho it might not be in your control !

No miracle the turnover is huge and they are always understaffed everbody who opens their eyes realizes what a *** company it is !

Try a get a vacation day , or 2 or more FORGET IT !1 of our driver hasn't had a day off for 3,5 yrs for simple fact they deny it!

to ex-speedee driver #679582

Hi Ex,

If by chance your previous Branch Manager was Pat, you will be happy to know that he is no longer the branch manager there and has been demoted to LTL Group Leader. I currently work for Spee Dee, I try to give everyone 2 minutes of talk time and greet and leave everyone with a smile, not saying Im perfect I have made a few mistakes, nothing serious but a few Pissed Off Consumers, nothing I can personally do to fix the issue, but say Im Sorry and go about my day.

Your right on one thing, we are underpaid and over worked but hey we do what we have to do to make ends meet. I have not had any issues getting vacation time when needed. Also, the tossed, smashed and driven over packages you are talking about I haven't witnessed in the year in a half that I have worked there. Which yes this means you know me. Anyways hope your new job is going well most likely working for FedEx now I would assume but hey I never know. See you around.

to KingDakota #706587

Do you have a copy of the spee-dee employee handbook by chance???? Looking to buy one. Thanks, Nancio

to ex-speedee driver #706586

Dear ex-speedee driver; Do you have a copy of the spee-dee employee handbook by chance???? Looking to buy one to use in a complaint we re filing. Thanks, Nancio

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